About us offers an integrated app store that helps you organize your core day-to-day business activities regardless of size, industry or geography. Say bye-bye to chaos, Choose from our suite of cloud apps and organize your business for success.
All these apps collaborate seamlessly together and help organizations to manage their business activities: Forecasts, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Management, Operations, Accounts, Finance, Recruitment and much more. cloud apps include master data management, transaction data management, visual analytics, mobile friendly user interface, document management, chatbots and collaboration tools. These apps help organizations increase efficiency, move faster, automate and scale without the complexities of setting up their own IT infrastructure and resources. is hosted on a robust and scalable cloud platform distributed around the globe for availability and performance. You don't have to worry about maintaining code, databases, servers, networks and security for your organization, we take care of all of that for you. provides the foundation every growing company needs. Give it a try.